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Visual Public Service, VPS, is an international project that makes interventions in urban settings. These interventions evolve from conversations and observations of local communities. The idea is to give a service to local people, where their stories are heard and then made visible. Through appropriation of public space a design service takes form in different formats and media for a limited time making unheard locals be protagonists in their own environment.


VPS, goes deep into peoples stories. Through real built relations, interviews and documentation, disadvantaged locals in uncomfortable situations open up and present their real life stories.


Through hearing we process these testimonies and produce original pieces that can captivate the rest of the city’s attention. Each action or intervention, unfolds in its own original way. Aiming always to attract other peoples attention but also fit well in the environment of the city.


We have no local land, we move in search of opportunities where we can develop our project. We have settled in Venice/Italy, in Valparaiso/Chile and now in Berlin/Germany. All major cities with an important visiting mass (tourists and expats), and all with something in common: Streets are covered with stories of the successful and the privileged. VPS aims to make space for the others.


We make ephemeral attractive and original interventions. Spaces intervened are used in major scales and produce strong impact on passings by. But as we believe that everybody should see our work we also believe no trace should be left once the work is done.


Each project or action has a second life, which is made with the registration made in all the process. A continous documentary is on going, a publication with everyones input is being processed, a coming website with diverse testimonies is being developed. We truly believe all is part of a main idea, that has specific examples on specific cities, but searches the same in every part. Give a voice to the unheard.


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